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Neuro Symbolic AI

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Neuro symbolic AI is a topic that combines ideas from deep neural networks with symbolic reasoning and learning to overcome several significant technical hurdles such as explainability, modularity, verification, and the enforcement of constraints. While neuro symbolic ideas date back to the early 2000’s, there have been significant advances in the last five years.

At ASU, we have created various educational products on this emerging areas. We offered a gradautate-level course in fall of 2022, created a tutorial session at AAAI, a YouTube channel, and more. This page is designed to be a resource for these materials.

Additionally, we are introducing original research in the area that is not only designed to contribute to the scientific community, but also provide tools for practitioners use. Much of this work will be centered around the PyReason software. You may also visit our associated Lab V2 website.

We still have all the slides, papers, and resource links from earlier versions of this page. We have associated these with chapters in our forthcoming book Advances in Neuro Symbolic Reasoning and Learning.