Neuro Symbolic Reasoning and Learning

This page is the companion website to the upcoming book published by Springer-Nature.

Neuro Symbolic Reasoning and Learning (in press, 2023) by Paulo Shakarian, Gerardo I. Simari, Chitta Baral, Bowen Xi, and Lahari Pokala

Chapter 2: Primer on Propositional Logic and Predicate Calculus

Video Series: part 1, part 2, part 3
Review of propositional logic and FOL: Slides

Chapter 3: Fuzzy and Annotated Logic for Neuro Symbolic AI

Paper: General Annotated Programs
Paper: Extensions to generalized annotated logic

Chapter 4: LTN: Logic Tensor Networks

Slides on LTN
LTN video series in a YouTube playlist

Chapter 5: Neuro Symbolic Reasoning with Ontological Networks

Deep Ontological Networks: Slides, Paper

Chapter 6: LNN: Logical Neural Networks

Supplement to Chapter 6
Slides on LNN  
LNN video series in a YouTube playlist
Additional slides on LNN training (courtesy of Yao-Ting Chen, Rohan Reddy Sambidi, and Joshua Martin Noronha)

Chapter 7: NeurASP

Supplement to Chapter 7
Slides on NeurASP
NeurASP video series in a YouTube playlist
Follow-on work: SLASH  (Slidespaperpaper)
Info on the ASP language

Chapter 8: Neuro Symbolic Learning with Differentiable Inductive Logic Programming

Supplement to Chapter 8
Differentiable ILP:  Original  framework  of  Evans  and  Grefenstette  (SlidesPaper)
Extension for structured examples by Shindo et al. (SlidesPaper)
Extension for LNN (SlidesPaper)

Chapter 9: Understanding SATNet: Constraint Learning and Symbol Grounding

Supplement to Chapter 9
SATNet  Slides
Video series in a YouTube playlist:
Papers featured in the video and slides: SATNetSATNet and Symbol Grounding #1SATNet and Symbol Grounding #2
Further reading: general info on symbol groundingalternative approach to constraint learning

Chapter 10: Neuro Symbolic AI for Sequential Decision Making

Supplement to Chapter 10
Deep Symbolic Regression: Slides (also covers Transformer approach and DSP), DSR paper
Transformer-based SR: paper
DSP: paper
STL Net: slidespapersupplement

Chapter 11: Neuro Symbolic Applications

CLEVERER (paper)

Other Neruo Symbolic topics not covered in the book